Coleman Cleaning Service

P.O. BoX 13611
Macon, Georgia 31208
(478) 320-2536

Why Have A Cleaning  Company

Cleanliness affects almost every aspect of your business, those who work for you, and your customers attitude about your establishment.

Coleman Cleaning Service will customize your schedule to meet your cleaning needs.

Custom scheduling, offering a quality product and personal attention to detail enable us to have pride and satisfaction in our work. Our clients come first and it shows!

Clients can choose from:


Twice or Three times a week




Am or Pm

 Quotes based on a one day service:

0-1000 square feet- 6 hours a month- $160.00-$200.00

1100-2000 square feet- 8 hours a month- $200.00-$250.00

2001-3000 square feet- 10 hours a month- $250.00-$300.00

3001-4000 square feet- 12 hours a month- $350.00-$400.00

4100- or more square feet- 14 hours a month- $450.00-$550.00




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